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Telerad India is a rendezvous of energetic minds striving to provide accurate and fast imaging solutions. Ours is a group of highly experienced and acclaimed radiologists from Delhi aiming to provide the best mixture of skill and experience. Furnished with high end PACS equipment and image viewing hardware, we provide accurate reporting for the entire spectrum of imaging (MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Dopplers, Cardiac echo, Mammograms and conventional studies) in formats approved by and suited to the individual client. Our reports are detailed and yet easy to comprehend. We also indulge in panel discussions before finalizing any gray area. We ensure a short report turnover time and have specialists round the clock for reporting, discussions and feedback. We are currently providing high quality prereads to our clients based in the US and Canada but are now looking to serve in the Middle East and India with complete and comprehensive reports.

Getting Started

We possess the picture archiving and communication (PACS) software for linking our server with your imaging clinic and shall bear the cost and trouble of installing and maintaining it at both ends for free. Our connection shall be secured with firewall protection and encryption. You can choose from a range of schemes for working with us dependent on your daily work load, log fluctuation and individual requirements. High capacity and bulk work would obviously get considerable rebates. Our unique schemes are most economical and competitive and you can contact us to discuss the best one to suit your requirement.

Why Us?

All our staff are trained in MR/CT imaging with at least 10 years experience in these modalities and are fluent in English. We provide prereads, out of hours reads combined with affordability and cost effectiveness.

Subspeciality Reads

A trend towards subspecialty training poses a supply and demand challenge with rural hospitals and facilities. Recent surveys indicate that majority of radiologists are generalists while there are fewer sub-specialists.

3D Reconstructions / Image Processing

Our completely equipped image processing/post processing lab shall provide you complete solutions with significant reduction in costs and increase in your image quality and work throughput.


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198 Gagan Vihar Delhi, India 110051
+91 9999416505, 9810422118

Online Reporting Services

We possess high end PACS equipment and image viewing hardware, 24 hour data center, state of the art reading.

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Service Provider

Telerad India aims at providing best and high quality teleradiology services 24 hours, a day; 7 days a week & 365 days of the year.

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PACS Services in Delhi

Almost all hospitals and imaging centers generally have a PACS (picture archiving and communication system).

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MRI CT Scan in India

Telrad India's fully trained and certified Radiologists can take over night coverage for your practice, clinic or hospital.

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Nighthawk Radiology

When outsourcing your teleradiology cases, nothing is more important than the reliability of the technology.

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